Photo Gallery Page #3

We're proud of our work and want to show you a variety of projects we have worked on.  Let these photos
inspire you or remind you of the projects you want to work on.  We're always happy to help no matter how big or small
your project...because we are your neighborhood Handyman and Pickup Delivery service company.

Rental Property Projects

Pictured below is the front door to a clients rental property.  Using about $15 in paint and a couple hours of labor it provided a drastic difference to the entrance and overall curb appeal of this home.

The covered lanai had carpet prior to our remodel.  We used concrete stain (2 coats) for under $25, replaced with paneling and painted the metal and ceiling for an amazing inexpensive overhaul of this room.

The master bedroom needed subfoor repair.  For about $250 in materials (paint, fan, flooring) this room was vastly improved.

Rental Property Projects

With only pressure washing the white vinyl siding and painting the front door, shutters, and porch boards this before and after is drastic and inexpensive.  The neighbors thought the entire house was painted.

Pressure washing (especially in Florida) is required frequently to protect your home and keep it clean.  You see the difference below... with only water (no chemicals or bleach).  Only water!