Photo Gallery Page #2

We're proud of our work and want to show you a variety of projects we have worked on.  Let these photos
inspire you or remind you of the projects you want to work on.  We're always happy to help no matter how big or small
your project...because we are your neighborhood Handyman and Pickup Delivery service company.

Bathroom Projects

Pictured below are bathrooms that received a major upgrade on a small budget.  A unique element of the uprade was between the studs wall shelves using granite backsplash purchased for $20 each.

Electrical outlets were installed under the sink so some appliances (i.e., shaver and toothbrush cords) could be plugged in out of sight so as to not crowd up the beautiful countertop space.

Wall mounted soap dispensors were a great upgrade.

Wall mounted soap dispensors were a great upgrade.

Shower tile work.








Wall Mural Project

A wall mural was purchased online and installed as a backdrop to a hot tub.

Wall murals can be purchased to cover a door, wall, or be part of a countertop backsplash.